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四月 17th, 2008

《Lonely Planet Australia 中文版》

2011年8月27日澳大利亚人给世界的印象曾经是喜爱户外的, 运动的, 好饮酒的, 好拍大腿的乡巴佬。

Feb 26, 2011


Ian Johnson/Wall Street Journal




January 29, 2010 



May 19, 2008                                                                                                                                          



希望成为知名外资企业精英的兼职女友,您必须名校硕士以上! 信息编号:18761177
I hope that I can be a part-time girlfriend for the people who are working in absolutely famous corporations or organizations.

(i) My Requirement:
?Master Degree and above, MBA NOT preferable but acceptable, Famous and excellent University preferred, Preferably in auditing, IT industry, Statistics, finance or others relevant;
?Minimum 4 years’ working experience in the following corporations or firms:
-Investment Bank:
1. Goldman Sachs 2. Citigroup 3. JPMorgan 4. Morgan Stanley 5. Merrill Lynch 6. UBS 7. Lehman Brothers 8. Credit Suisse 9. Deutsche Bank 10. Lazard 11. Rothschild 12. BNP Paribas 13. HSBC Holdings 14. Evercore Partners 15. Bear Stearns 16. Banc of America Securities 17. ABN Amro 18. Societe Generale 19. Calyon 20. Dresdner Kleinwort
-Consulting Firm:
21. A.T. Kearney-AT科尔尼。22。罗兰?贝格(rolandberger) 。23。毕博管理咨询 – Bearing Point(KPMGConsulting)。24。麦肯锡-McKinsey & Company,24。波士顿顾问咨询 -The Boston Consulting Group。25。博思顾问 – Booz Allen Hamilton。26。埃森哲 – Accenture 27。德勤 – Deloitte Consulting 28.贝恩-Bain & Company 29.AC尼尔森 30.GFK 31.摩立特集团 (Monitor Group)
罗兰?贝格(rolandberger) 32。IBM业务咨询服务事业部 33.捷安永(CGE&Y)
-IT Industry or other famous organization:
E.g. Uniliever,Microsoft, SAP, PCCW….
?Resident permit (means HuKou) is NOT Beijing.
?Handsome or manly preferred, 30 above(the order the better) is a must, 177CM above preferred.
?Good command of English, help me to improve my English level.
?The higher the position, the better the working experience! Higher position desired.

(ii)Brief Self-introduction:
?22 years old, white skin, 163cm,48kg, cute.
?I like talent because you will be confident if you have working experience in abosolutely famous corporation.

(iii) Emolument and Service provided:
?2,500 RMB per day, twice per week is a maximum(20,000RMB per month), once per week is harmonious(10,000RMB per month)
?Long-term relationship preferred while short-term accepted
If you think that you are qualified, pls connect with me!

Answer to FAQ: 1. Yes, this is true. No, I don’t have her contact.

April 17, 2008
Little Mystery behind inflows of ‘hot money’

Jake van der Kamp/South China Morning Post

“I’m glad to see it disclosed that he works for a think-tank. In case you didn’t know, a think-tank is defined as a collection of political apologists, usually government-linked, who pretend to exercise intellect but rarely amass an intelligence quotient of 100 between them. It’s usually the typists and the tea lady who do the thinking in a think-tank.”

May 1st, 2008




Germany’s BASF: China Critic, Investor

Dec 22, 2010
The money the company devotes to that expansion should buy its executives a few more years for constructive criticism.

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